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The objective of STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) Program is to develop comprehensive, innovative transportation solutions to relieve congestion bottlenecks and solve critical traffic and safety challenges throughout the commonwealth.
The program, led by the VDOT Transportation and Mobility Planning Division, brings together planners, traffic engineers, safety engineers, roadway design engineers and maintenance specialists, along with local stakeholders, to jointly identify cost-effective measures aimed at improving safety and reducing congestion. This multidisciplinary approach, from the inception of the study through the completion,
helps to:

  • Develop innovative, cost-effective solutions
  • Evaluate potential solutions more thoroughly
  • Identify potential project risks and costs
  • Build stakeholder consensus
  • Improve readiness for project implementation

VDOT District offices can leverage Statewide Planning and Research funding to help identify, plan, conceptually design, and ultimately program projects that reduce congestion and improve safety. STARS projects typically result in multiple recommended improvements that may be eligible for funding and implementation under maintenance budgets, applications in the SMART SCALE process, applications for the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), State of Good Repair budgets, and/or applications for revenue sharing.

The STARS project development process was created to provide a continuous pipeline of projects prepared for implementation. Many elements of the process are on an annual cycle; however, the conduct study and design phase will follow an appropriate schedule based on the nature and complexity of each STARS project. Advancement of STARS projects will be tracked as a measure of performance.

Multidiscipline approach throughout

Program Evolution

In 2007, VDOT developed the STARS Program. The goal was to support the development of affordable and short-range projects to address congestion bottlenecks and safety hotspots throughout the state. Recommendations from STARS studies included short- and mid-term operational and safety improvements. Many of these STARS studies were included in the SYIP and have been implemented.

Since 2012, the program has shifted focus to developing studies that can be programmed in the VDOT Six-Year Improvement Program. Adapting to the need to find solutions to more complex congestion and safety challenges, STARS studies now include corridor studies and conceptual design plans. Transportation improvements identified are still targeting cost effective, innovative, and practical solutions, but also focus on ensuring the longevity of those improvements on the transportation network.

Explore STARS Studies

Below is a map showing completed and ongoing STARS studies.

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Recent Corridor Studies (VDOT District)

Listed below are STARS corridor studies by district that are currently underway or recently completed under the STARS Program in last 5 years.




Hampton Roads

  • Mercury Boulevard (Route 258) Operational and Pedestrian Enhancement Project, Hampton City
  • Godwin Blvd From 460/58/13 (Suffolk Bypass) to Route 634 (King's Fork Road), Suffolk City -  Ongoing
  • Route 17 (Bridge Road) From Route 135 College Drive to Harbour View Blvd, Suffolk -  Ongoing
  • Coliseum Drive- Intersection of Coliseum Drive and Cunningham Drive, Hampton -  Ongoing
  • Route 143 (Jefferson Avenue) - From Route 171 (Oyster Point Rd) to Route 17 (J Clyde Morris Blvd), Newport News -  Ongoing
  • Route 58 (Virginia Beach Blvd) - Intersection of Route 58 (Virginia Beach Blvd) and Route 165 (Kempsville Rd), Norfolk -  Ongoing
  • Route 134 (Armistead Road) & Rte 60, Hampton- Ongoing
  • I-264 and Brambleton Avenue Interchange, Norfolk -  Ongoing
  • Route 225 SR between US 58 (Virginia Beach Blvd) and Edwin Drive, City of Virginia Beach -  Ongoing
  • Mercury Boulevard (Route 258) Operational and Pedestrian Enhancement Project, Hampton City
  • Interchange of I-64 and Northampton Boulevard (Blvd) and surrounding areas, City of Norfolk
  • I-264 at Ballentine Boulevard [Exit 12] Interchange Modification Report and Preliminary Design, City of Norfolk


Northern Virginia

  • Centreville Road (Route 28) STARS Operational Improvements Study, Prince William County - Ongoing
  • Route 641 (Old Bridge Road) From Route 294 Prince William Parkway (intersection) to Route 123 Gordon Boulevard (intersection), Prince William County -  Ongoing
  • Prince William Parkway (Route 294) From Prince William Parkway to Minnieville Road, Prince William County -  Ongoing
  • Route 50 (Arlington Blvd) From Route 120 (Glebe Rd) to Route 6622 (Fillmore St), Arlington County -  Ongoing
  • Route 50 (Arlington Blvd) From Route 2338 (Jaguar Trail) to Route 613 (Wilson Blvd), Fairfax County -  Ongoing
  • Liberia Ave (Rte 4361) - Rte 28 to Prince William Parkway, Manassas -  Ongoing
  • Rte 50 (Lee Jackson Memorial Highway) from Sully Road to Stringfellow Road -  Ongoing
  • Route 28 (Sully Road) from Frying Pan Road (Rte. 665) to S. Sterling Boulevard (Rte. 846),Loudon County and Fairfax County -  Ongoing
  • Prince William Parkway (Route 234 Bypass) and Relocated Balls Ford Road (Route 621) Interchange Justification Report Lite, Prince William County
  • Route 7 ((Harry Byrd Highway) Corridor Improvement Study, Loudoun City and Town of Leesburg
  • Prince William Parkway (Route 234) Bypass Corridor Intersection Alternatives Analysis, Prince William County


  • Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) From Marina Drive to Perlock Rd, Chesterfield - Ongoing
  • Route 36 (Oaklawn Blvd) From Crossings Blvd to Tri-Cities Blvd, Hopewell and Prince George County - Ongoing
  • Route 288 (WW II Veterans Memorial Highway) From Route1(Jefferson Davis Highway to Interstate 95), Chesterfield - Ongoing
  • Route 60 from Powhite Pkwy (Rt.76) to Arcadia Street, Chesterfield County - Ongoing
  • Route 60 (Midlothian Turnpike): from Walmart way to Rte. 76 (Powhite Parkway), Chesterfield County - Ongoing
  • Route 33 (Staples Mill Road) from Route 356 (Glenside Dr) to Route 250 (Broad St), Henrico County - Ongoing
  • Route 60 (Williamsburg Road) from Darbytown Road to Laburnum Avenue, Henrico County - Ongoing
  • Route 33 (Nine Mile Road) from Interstate 64 to AP Hill Avenue, Henrico County - Ongoing
  • US 250 (West Broad St.) from  Ashland road (Route 623) to I-64/Broad St. Interchange (Route 64), Henrico County & Goochland County - Ongoing
  • Route 76 (Powhite Parkway) from Midlothian Turnpike (On-Ramp To Route 76) to Forest Hill Avenue, Chesterfield County - Ongoing
  • West Broad Street (US 250) Corridor Improvement Study (from Dominion Boulevard to Glenside Dr.),
  • US 360/Route 288 Interchange area study, Chesterfield 
  • I-95/I-64 Overlap/Belvidere Street Interchange Modification Report  (IMR) Exit 76, Richmond
  • Route 288 Corridor Improvement Study, Henrico County & Goochland County


  • Route 460 (Orange Avenue/Challenger Ave) From Route 11 (Williamson Rd) to  Cloverdale Rd, Roanoke City/County - Ongoing
  • I-81 SB between Exit 141 (Electric Road) and 140 (Thompson Memorial Drive), Roanoke County
  • I-81 NB from Exit 140 (Thompson Memorial Drive) to Exit 141 (Electric Road), Roanoke County
  • I-81/I-581 AUXILIARY Lane Transportation Study, Roanoke County


  • Route 250 (Main St/ Jefferson Hwy) From Route 640 (Old White Bridge Road) to Hopeman Parkway, Waynesboro/Augusta County -  Ongoing
  • Pleasant Valley Road From Tevis St/Papermill Rd to Cork Street, City of Winchester -  Ongoing
  • US-11/ S Main Street From Mosby Rd to Erickson Ave/Stone Spring Rd and Erikson Ave/Pearl St Intersection, , Harrisonburg  - Ongoing
  • US 11 from the intersection with Commerce Road in the City of Staunton to Route 262 interchange in Augusta County -  Ongoing
  • Route  7 (Berryville Avenue & Berryville Pike)  from N Pleasant Valley Road to Greenwood Road (Route 656)/First Woods Drive, Frederick Co & City of Winchester -  Ongoing
  • Route 11 (Valley Pike) from Battle Park Drive to Renaissance Drive, Frederick Co & City of Winchester
  • Route 55 (John Marshall Highway) Corridor Study, Warren County
  • US Route 33 (East Market Street) Corridor Improvement Study, Harrisonburg



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